Zx-888 Water Pipe Leak Detector Detection Device

zx-888 Zx-888 Model leak detector can detect the location of the leak point with detection methods by using advanced electronics and filter trough amplifier. If fluid escapes from cracked pipes under pressure produces a distinct tone. This signal can be recognized easily and accurately by Zx-888amplifiers and high sensitivity settings in order to detemine the location of the water leak. This device will be the biggest help to find all types of leakage. With Zx-888 you can find cracked pipe in bathrooms, kitchens, toiletswithin a period of 30 minutes. All cracked pipes to a depth of 9 inches in concrete can be find easily with this device. Water leakage of acoustic device Feature! With sensetive listening ability you can not be affected by external noises because an external noise canceling filter and comfortable headphone. This device increases the sound of leaking water thousands of times,therefore it allows us to hear the sound easily.The high-gain amplifiers gives us the ability to detect even very weak leaks. With the knob sound waves volume can be increased or be reduced. High volume bass stereo headphones can not hurt you. The ability of increasing volume is so high that you can even test the volume of clean water passing through the pipes.The device can easily be used on the surface of concreate and all kind of tiles. Charging the device for 3 hours,it can run for30- 50 hours.Lithium ion rechargable batteries can be recharged hundred of times saves you money. Price of the device is very affordable comparing to others in market. Plastic pipe or metal pipe is noticed.