Zu55 Water Leak Detector

Zu55 Water Leak Detector More Plumber using on the world ZU55. Fluid escapes from cracked pipes under pressure it produces a distinct tone. The ZU55 detects those vibrations using its state-of-the-art acoustic listening device, powerful amplifiers and high sensitivity settings to quickly and accurately determine the location of the water leaks. We manufactured this product US quality.

The ZU55 utilizes a highly advanced filter system that effectively blocks out any external noises and allows the system to hone in on the exact spot of the leak with pinpoint precision. Even the smallest leaks can be located using the ZU55 in just a few minutes thanks to the ability of the system to listen up to 7" (20cm) deep inside of walls, through floors and even inside of dense materials like tile and marble.

Zu55 using in building. We have constructed the ZU55 to give you incredibly high performance despite the incredibly low price and conveniently runs off 2x AA batteries (included).

Your ZU55 comes with everything you need in one complete package: 1x Sensor Unit 1x Transducer / Control Unit 1x Set of Headphones 1x Durable Carrying Case (13” x 9” x 4” - 330x230x100 mm ) 2x AA Batteries
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