V18 Water Leak Detector

v18 Leak detector C21 Water Leak Detector uses vibrations that are barely audible and will detect where the leak is coming from quite easily and effectively. Will Find Water Leaks If fluid escapes from cracked pipes under pressure produces a distinct tone. This signal will be recognized easily and accurately by C21 amplifiers and high sensitivity settings in order to determine the location of the water leaks. Water Leak Detection Equipment with sensitive listening ability you cannot be affected by external noises because an external noise canceling filter and comfortable sound filter system. It features a device that will listen deeply to detect even the slightest of water leaks and is completely rechargeable, C21 is value-engineered for low cost and high performance. C21 you will find leakage point leak detection in bathrooms, kitchens, toilets within a period of 5 minutes. No need to use battery : Lithium ion internal rechargeable battery can be recharged hundred of times saves you money. Operating time of the device : 50 hours on a single charge with the possibility of this device You can charge in 3 hours Which can be used in surface : The device can easily be used on the surface of concrete and all kind of tiles. Glazed tile, tile, marble, concrete, masonry ets.