About Us

us FenixcoTECH. sprouted from tahtakale roots in 2010, operating with one simple pick and place machine in a 1,000 square foot building. We have since more than tripled the square-footage of our working space, now running two fully automated electronic manufacturing lines in the 2,000 square-foot complex we call home. Change is inevitable with the growth we’ve experienced; our production has both expanded and become more efficient. However, we remain a small business at heart, with the versatility to accommodate a wide variety of customer needs, and the disposition to ensure these needs are met sufficiently. Over the years, we’ve worked with industries of all kinds — from those in government and healthcare , to the world of entertainment — and FenixcoTECH has proven, again and again, that we’re equipped to supply for any type of business.For more than 6 years, FenixcoTECH’s goal has been to build premier Electronic device manufacturing right here in our own local facilities. Whatever changes may come for our industry and for our company, we believe in Turkish-made products and we believe in creating, and keeping, jobs in istanbul of Turkey