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C21 is using to detect leaking water pipes under concrete, marble, tile etc. it is difficult to determine the location of the leaking water pipes C21 will solve this problem with high precision sensor C21 approved by plumbers tested thousands of plumbers are currently using this product. Best qulity and best price leak detector is C21.

C21 is designed for low cost and high performance special device for plumbers

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More broken or perforated water pipe under pressure sound a distinct tone. This signal be recognized easily and accurately by C21 high sensitivity sensor in order to determine the location of the water leaks. All cracked pipes (metal, plastic) to a depth of 11 inches ground concrete be find easily C21 has a new vibration sensor, which is responsible for hearing faintest of water leakage sounds. C21 Acoustic Water Leak Detector detect even the most delicate sound of water leaking from the ground or wall for that matter

When your c21 sensor or other parts lost or damage you can get new one from us.

It features a device that will listen deeply to detect even the slightest of water leaks and is completely rechargeable. C21 has a rechargeable lithium ion battery You can work 100-150 hour by 3 hour charging with c21

Professional acoustic powerful listening instrument

C21 has an ultra sensitive sensor will finding in 5 minutes broken pipe point easy, can use ground of marble, concrete, tile in bathroom, kitchens, toilets etc. Water pipe leakage occurring will be identified as the point in the bathroom. In the kitchen where you will find them on the surface due to surface mount cabinet as a point in the lower water pipe leakage, C21 will easily use in the determination of clean water pipe leak occurred in the toilet. Also can be used on water meters

BAGS CONTENTS: 1 x C21 device 1 x Sensor 1 x HeadPhone 1 x Usb charging cable 1 x Manual - EN Bag Size : 13" x 9" x 4" Weight : 2 lb

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