C21 water leak detector
  • Acoustic Sound Technology

*** The C21 leak detector all PLUMBERS is talking about ***

C21 water leak tool for plumber

C21 Puncture pipe leak detection

You Will Find Water LeaksIf fluid escapes from cracked pipes under pressure produces a

distinct tone. This signal can be recognized easily and accurately by C21 amplifiers and high sensitivity settings in order to determine the location of the water leaks. Water Leak Detection Equipment

Acoustic Water Leak Detection System

with sensitive listening ability you cannot be affected by external noises because an external noise canceling filter and comfortable headphone. It features a device that can listen deeply to detect even the slightest of water leaks and is completely rechargeable.

C21 Acoustic Water Leak Detector has

an ultra sensitive hearing. A simple but powerful listening instrument, C21 uses high-quality headphones to detect leaks in water transmission pipelines. The result of advanced audio engineering techniques and expertise in the frequency spectra of leak sounds

C21 Designers took a fresh look at an old technology. Testing showed most existing listeners had poor audio quality, a high noise floor, and were expensive for the given performance. They have incorporated

high sensitivity and low noise audio

components with an in-depth knowledge of the frequency spectra of leak sounds. The resulting design is in keeping with our philosophy of simple yet sophisticated. They have produced a durable, high quality design that has been value engineered for low cost and high performance

With C21 you can find cracked pipe in bathrooms, kitchens, toilets within a period of 5 minutes. All cracked pipes to a depth of 11 inches in concrete can be find easily with this device. And that’s the reason C21 Acoustic Water Leak Detector can detect even the most delicate sound of water leaking from the floor surface or wall for that matter. C21 Acoustic Water Leak Detection system has a new vibration sensor, which is responsible for hearing faintest of water leakage sounds.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Frequency Range: 2.6khz ~ 2200Hz (-3dB) - Outside Band Attenuation: -18db/oct - Maximum Hold time: 10 Seconds or Over - sensor: NCP piezoelectric element - Minimum operating voltage: 3.6V - power indicator lamp: 3.6 V or less power consumption: 3ma/rl = 16 Vcc = 3.6V-power, no signal: S-006P (3.6V) Lithium battery - battery life: 30-150 hours in normal use or Over - Size-Weight: 14" x 11" x 6" - 1.8 lb.


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Product Features:

High Sensitive Detector

Acoustic Water Leak Detection System with sensitive listening ability you cannot be affected by external noises because an external noise canceling filter and comfortable headphone

Powerful Sound
You will hear easy low leak sounds, under concrete with C21. High sound sensitivity quality.
Best result leak detection
We made high quality and low price device. C21 Cheaper than other brand water pipe leakage devices and giving same result.
C21 Charging
C21 is working 3.7v lithium battery with one time charge can use 150 hour' also no need alkaline battery save more money.
Easy Pipe Leak Detection
You will use this device very easy, No experience required for use C21.
Spare Parts
When you broke and lost part you need new C21 spare parts you can order everytime, You can order more parts