V18 water leak detector


v18 water leak tool for plumber

V18 water pipe leak detection

V18 Water Leak Detector uses vibrations that are barely audible and can detect where the leak is coming from quite easily and effectively. All plumber thinking how i find water leak is very hard if you dont have a water leak detector. V18 acoustic water leak detector is helping to you listen and hear find pressure pipe leaks under concrete or wall, surface, marble, etc. its easy with V18 water leak detection system. If you dont have acoustic leak detector is not possible find pipe leaks. Using now worldwide thousand plumber V18 water leak detection system. V18 giving real results same working other brand leak detection devices. It detects by listening as it is on other devices.


High Sensitive Detector
Acoustic Water Leak Detection System with sensitive listening ability you cannot be affected by external noises because an external noise canceling filter and comfortable headphone
Powerfull Sound
You can hear low water pipe leak sound high technology designed V18.
Subsurface leak detection
We selling low price high quality V18 Cheaper than other brand water pipe leakage devices and giving same result.
V18 Charge
V18 is working lithium battery with one time charge you can use it until 150 hour also you dont need alkaline battery you will save more money.
Easy Pipe Leak
You will use this device very easy, No experience required for use V18.
Spare Parts
When you broke and lost part you need new V18 spare parts you can order everytime of us if you want contact us or order from online our website