The V18 Model Water Leak Detector uses vibrations that are barely audible and can detect where the leak is coming from quite easily and effectively. You Can Find Water Leaks If fluid escapes from cracked pipes under pressure produces a distinct tone. This signal can be recognized easily and accurately by V18 Model amplifiers and high sensitivity settings in order to determine the location of the water leaks.

V18 Model Water Leak Detector

V18 Model detector will be the biggest help to find all types of leakage.

If you are a plumber and you have customer water leaks problems you can give solutions to your customers V18 Model cheap price also giving good results water leaks detection

Many plumbers using now V18 Model water leak detection of burst water pipes

It features a device that can listen deeply to detect even the slightest of water leaks and is completely rechargeable V18 Model you can find leakage point leak detection in bathrooms, kitchens, toilets within a period of 30 minutes. You can use it easy everywhere at the surface, wall, concrete.

This device increases the sound of leaking water thousands of times, therefore it allows us to hear the sound easily. The high-gain amplifiers gives us the ability to detect even very weak leaks.

Acoustic sound system

Easy Use

Rechargeable Battery

Can be used on floor, wall, concrete, marble surfaces

Clean and better sound

High-quality audio amplifier for superior acoustic quality With the knob sound waves volume can be increased or be reduced.

V18 Model is value-engineered for low cost and high performance. Acoustic sound detector system

The ability of increasing volume is so high that you can even test the volume of clean water passing through the pipes.

Some water leaks may go undetected for years because the source of the leak is not visible. Water supply lines to toilets, showers, tubs, and sinks are usually located behind walls, under floors and in the ground. Toilets are a common source of leaks as they leak silently.

Technicial Specifications : Frequency Range: 155 Hz ~ 2200Hz (-3dB) - Outside Band Attenuation: -18db/oct - Maximum Hold time: 10 Seconds or Over - sensor: NCP piezoelectric element - Minimum operating voltage: 3.6V - power indicator lamp: 3.6 V or less - power consumption: 3ma/rl = 16 Vcc = 3.6V-power, no signal: S-006P (3.6V) Lithium battery - battery life: 30-50 hours in normal use or Over - 

Size Weight: 28x20x10 cm


You can use the 150-hour this device with a rechargeable lithium battery

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